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Be Beautiful
Beautiful is a woman with a distinctive personality. She’s confident of who she is, and lets her inner beauty shine through, complementing the beauty on the outside.
Be Successful
Regardless of how old you are, or what your career or business goals are, you can reach for your dreams and be all you ever wanted to be, yea, with babies on board!
Be Fulfilled
Live your life to the fullest with meaning and purpose, regardless of the challenges of motherhood and enjoy the most fulfilling connection with people in your life.

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Happy Mother’s Day Mums!

​To all the MUMS – Working mums, Work-at-Home-Mums, Full time- Mums, Mumpreneurs, Single Mums, Soon-to-be-Mums, Wanna-be-Mums, Grand mums, Great grand mums …. Y’all make the world a better place! God bless andRead More...
By : Grace | Mar 11, 2018

Celebrating Womanhood

​We MUST celebrate our achievements no matter how small… To successfully be a woman – wife, mum, daughter, aunt, sister, business woman, career woman, teacher, nurse, home maker, and everything else isRead More...
By : Grace | Mar 9, 2018

Letter To Mum On Valentine’s Day

    I found this piece of love note written by Sarah Skinner to her mum (of blessed memory). She says, “Love from mom is one of the best things a girlRead More...
By : Grace | Feb 14, 2018

Do We Give Our Kids Too Much Praise?

Praise is a good thing and we mums are good at giving loads of it to our kids. How do we know when to hold back a bit?  I found this pieceRead More...
By : Grace | Feb 5, 2018

​5 steps to Becoming a Better Mumpreneur 

When we have young children to attend to (round the clock), it is so easy for business to slip to the background for most mums. On the outside, you feel like aRead More...
By : Grace | Jan 29, 2018

10 Tips for Successful Mums

It’s a new year and mums want to achieve success like everyone else! Here is Danielle from todaysthebestday.com sharing helpful tips for today’s mums to succeed: 1. Take time for you: ItRead More...
By : Grace | Jan 22, 2018

​What Every Mum Should Learn in the New Year

 A mum thought to make a list of what she thinks every woman must learn in the coming year and it’s making the rounds on social media. I found it quite interestingRead More...
By : Grace | Jan 20, 2018

Absentee Parenting: What Mums Have to Say

It is becoming the norm these days for most parents to leave for work very early in the morning before the kids wake up in the morning, only to get back lateRead More...
By : Grace | Sep 4, 2017


"Super Mum Makeover is an eye-opener to most women that are still locked up in their shell. It is so inspirational and a zeal lifter I.e if as a mom you come to the programme with a dull spirit, by the end of the day you will surely go back fulfilled. Am glad I was part of it, it is a programme that's worth the time and very energetic. God bless you mom Grace, you really put in a lot of effort. Gracias"- Mum Jacinta,
"Super Mum Makeover WOW! I never believed I could enjoy myself so much with a lot of women in one room, but really glad I was a part of this great exercise. Every woman should be a part of it cos it brings out the U in YOU. Not in my wildest dream have I ever thought of seeing mummy Taiwo Ajai Lycett not to talk of having the privilege of touching and even taking snap shots with her but Mum2Mum made it possible. I was highly inspired by her life. I learnt to be ME not someone's wife or mother. Women make the world go round. We are nation builders." -Olori Omolara.  ,
"My experience for the first time at Super Mum Makeover 4.0 was really interesting. Kudos to GRACE ESSEN for this initiative. I would encourage every woman to attend this program to learn that being a Mother does not stop you from being  that classy, entrepreneur /professional woman and also a caring wife all in one package. Indeed we could all be a "Super Mum" and still enjoy life in all ramifications! well-done Grace,  God bless you." - Mum Josephine  ,
I never really liked being fat, but when I didn’t have anyone to encourage me, I just sat back. I thank God I came to Super Mum Makeover. My life will never be the same. I wish this programme can get to all women! ” - PatienceWhat Mums Have to say about Super Mum MakeoverSuper Mum Makeover - beauty and lifestyle makeover for mums!,
"I could never have met a woman like Mrs. Adenike Ogunlesi, CEO of Ruff 'n' Tumble in my  entire life, but Super Mum Makeover made that happen! Listening to her share her life experience with us was just so wonderful. I'm so inspired! Thank you so much, Mum2Mum." - Veronica.What mums have to say about Super Mum MakeoverSuper Mum Makeover - beauty and lifestyle makeover for mums!,
"I stopped wearing makeup after I had my kids. I would go out looking anyhow because I have to attend to this, I have to attend to that, to children, to my husband, to business, but since I joined Mum2Mum I came to know what it means to settle down and manage myself better – to take care of myself, no matter what. Now before I step out, I look at myself in the mirror, make myself up very well and check to see if I am good to come out. It’s not just about empowering women, just as the name MAKEOVER implies, it means a new you, creating a new version of you, changing your physical outlook, changing you in the home, changing you at work, and generally, so you just know what to do at any point in time – in your relationship with your husband, in your job as a mum – you know how to handle issues as they come up. So it’s a good programme. Personally it has changed my life and it’s changing it. Women who are not at Super Mum Makeover are missing out!" – Stella, educationist.  What mums are saying about Super Mum Makeover,