A mum thought to make a list of what she thinks every woman must learn in the coming year and it’s making the rounds on social media. I found it quite interesting and thought to share (though not in full). You might find a thing or two worth adding to your list of things to do in the new year. Enjoy!

Throw out all your undies with holes in them: Darling, I think it might be time to retire those old and worn out underwear now, I join my faith with that of those suffering undies to say ‘aunty Pharaoh, let my people go’… Get new ones and let old things be past away, it would be nice for you to start the new year with a standard from the inside.

Biblegram more than you instagram: Make a resolution not to make facebook and Instagram the first thing you do every morning. You have no idea how this is killing your spiritual life…Cut the social media addiction, when you wake in the morning let your hands find your Bible, before it finds your phone.

Keep wise company: Surround yourself with mentors and war friends. Spend time with people who see value in you, people you can learn from, people who inspire you to become the best version of yourself …Keep a war gang worthy of standing beside you as bridesmaids.

Learn to be domesticated: I’m sure it doesn’t shock you to know that there are a lot of women out there who hate house chores. They just despise the idea of washing dishes, handling a broom, or cooking. And they carry the mentality that a maid will simply fill in for them in marriage. Please plan to leave that mentality behind as you step into the new year. This is one of the sweetest qualities of a virtuous woman, to wake up while it is yet morning and provide meat for her household (Proverbs 31). Make a decision to learn how to cook if this is a challenge for you, practice more to become BETTER, it is your IDENTITY!

Learn a skill: Sweetheart, the world has gone past the times when a woman’s duty is to sit at home and entertain visitors for her husband. Men have now realized the need to have a supportive woman by their side. Make an effort to learn a skill outside your degree. It could be baking, fashion design, makeup, event planning, anything you can lay your hands to do no matter how little.

Avoid heavy makeup: Your face is not a coloring book, most times you miss good men because you apply too much foundation from the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, how do you expect your man to recognise you? Make a decision to go natural this year, let your true beauty shine forth!

 Use your knees: I was having a chat with a friend of mine some time ago when she said she wakes up at 2am every day, thinking she wakes up at that time to pray I was so excited to hear a woman say that, until she told me she gets up to watch her favourite TV series on Zeeworld. Nothing gladdens God’s heart better than a praying woman, don’t get lazy about prayers, make a decision to use your knees every day in the coming year! Alright?

All da best in the New Year mums!


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