Mum To Mum Support Initiative is a registered nonprofit organization created to enable mums connect, share, network, succeed, thrive and flourish in overall health and well-being –(emotional, mental, and spiritual), as well as in personal, professional and family goals.

Every woman deserves to live life to the fullest, to realize her God given potential, and be ALL she ever wants to be, but sometimes motherhood seem to get in the way of a beautiful, successful and fulfilling life.

Mum2Mum brings you interesting and helpful info, ideas, tips, tools, resources, innovation and inspiring stories from mums in Africa and around the world, in addition to coaching, consulting, mentoring, workshops, outreaches, educational programmmes and empowerment opportunities that will help you develop strategies, structures and support you need to achieve your personal, professional and family goals. We want you to be beautiful, successful and fulfilled …and have a bunch of fun while doing it!

Our mission: To empower women and families to live their best life by inspiring changes that will help mums realize their highest potentials.

Our vision: To raise women of value who can give MORE to their families and communities.

Our Programs: Our innovative and collaborative programs provide education, networking and empowerment opportunities to women in Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

Super Mum Makeover: A series of beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshops aimed at helping mums take their lives back and create brand new version of themselves. The workshops afford mums the opportunity to connect, network and share practical ideas and also showcase their products and services.

Mum2Mum Mentoring: Mums helping other mums navigate the journey and to successfully manage the overwhelm. We also target young women who became mums unexpectedly due to sexual abuse or poor life choices.

Becoming a Super Mum: Outreach programme in collaboration with religious bodies, schools, hospitals, women groups, NGOs etc.

 Bringing Baby to the Boardroom – A training programme in collaboration with corporate organizations to help working mums achieve successful work-life Integration through simple lifestyle innovation.

We have received feedbacks from mums whose lives have been transformed by our programmes, marriage and relationships have been strengthened, businesses have sprung up, some have achieved the confidence to get new jobs, our mums have learned to take better care of themselves and many are on their way to achieving  healthier body weight,  and healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families, our mums are better equipped to manage the often overwhelming task of juggling business career and the home, and are now giving from a place of abundance and joy and not sacrificing their lives in the process. These testimonials inspire us to keep going!

The desired change doesn’t happen in one session, that is why we offer series of workshops to reinforce and review what we taught them in the past session. It is critical for mums to learn how to apply the techniques for themselves and to make them their daily lifestyle. By offering a continuous programme and making it hands-on as much as we possibly can we have a greater chance of restoring confidence, dignity, and hope for a better future.

Our Core Values are rooted in commitment, community, compassion, and integrity.

Our Goal

  • To connect and partner with organizations, churches, schools, women groups and nonprofit associations in order to reach more women
  • To educate and sensitive the public on the need to give more support to mums
  • To increase collaboration with communities for our outreach programmes
  • To create awareness using traditional and social media and any other means available to us.

Since 2016 we have had over a hundred mums in our programmes and that is just a drop in the ocean. We want to do more. Your financial and material support no matter how small will go a long way to empower yet another mum and make our communities and the world a better place. Contact us to make a donation. Thank you!

Who we are

Mum To Mum Support Initiative is founded by Grace Essen. She leads a team of women passionate about making a difference by empowering fellow women.

Grace Essen

Grace a life makeover coach, speaker, columnist, author of Successful Working Mom and Super Mom Makeover. Grace hosts a series of bimonthly beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshops for mums. She recently launched Mum Makeover S.O.S. a personalized program that offers help and support to women who need beauty, weight loss and personal style transformation, also offering further counsel on personal care, work/life integration and any other area of need to enable them LOOK, FEEL & BE their best.  She founded Praying Mums Nigeria an online group of over 16k mums who come together to support each other and pray for children, families, the nation, and for each other. Join here. Grace is a mum of three awesome kids, and lives in Lagos, Nigeria. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

Here is wishing you an absolutely rewarding and fulfilling life as mum…

Welcome to Mum2Mum!