We all love our makeup, don’t we mums? Well I recognize that some of us would rather not use makeup after some very annoying skin irritations. Maybe you are at the place where you are having some breakouts or acne on your face and you are not exactly sure what could be the cause. Well one thing to consider among other things would be your makeup.

I have been having some breakouts on my chin for quite a while now. What I found most horrifying was that as they cleared up another set would appear. I can confidently say skincare is my thing, and my approach is to try to find out what could be the cause and not just use numerous ‘solutions’ which from experience could make the case worse.

In my research I stumbled upon this post which I found absolutely helpful and I think could be helpful to you too.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

“Can cosmetic induce acne? The answer is yes. 45% of women in a recent Brazilian study had dermatoses (skin disease) associated with the cosmetics they were using. 14% had active acne lesions due to cosmetics.1 Cosmetic induced acne is so widespread that it has its own name, acne cosmetica.2 People typically experience cosmetic induced acne on the chin and cheeks more than than on the forehead.3 It presents as small, whitish bumps, sometimes referred to as “grains”, which are more noticeable when the skin is stretched. It can also show up as red, garden variety pimples. Cosmetic induced acne tends to be stubborn, sometimes lasting for years as the person using makeup enters into a vicious cycle of covering the breakouts, which lead to further breakouts. Cosmetic induced acne can take months to form which can lead to confusion as a breakout seems to come out of nowhere, when in fact, cosmetics slowly caused the acne to form over time.4 Applying makeup too roughly can lead to irritation which can also aggravate acne…”

Does it describe what you might be experiencing?

What do you do about it?

Just before you toss your makeup, read further here to find out what you can do. All that is required is a few changes you can make to help overcome the irritation. The article covers areas such as, best makeup choices, instructions for applying makeup, instructions for removing your makeup and safe ingredients to look out for when buying your makeup.

I have made some changes and I have seen a lot of improvement already.  I am positive you too will. And feel free to share your experience with me. Thanks!

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