Mum2Mum is a platform created so mums can connect with one another, network, succeed, thrive and flourish in overall health and well-being – emotional, mental, and spiritual, balance business, career, and family and be all we were created to be. Our workshops have afforded mums the opportunity to meet, network, share ideas, help one another and to learn from one another.

We want to help mums be beautiful, successful and fulfilled and have a bunch of fun while doing it! But we cannot do it alone…

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much”. – Helen Keller

We want fellow mums (and of course our friends and families who love us very much) to get involved and support our mission is to provide even more resources, tools, education, information, and training to women in Africa. We want to bring more amazing and very inspiring guest speakers at our events as mentors and so we invite you to help us make it happen!

Here is how you can help:

  • Make cash donations to Mum To Mum Support Initiative via Ecobank account number 3753061071
  • Donate new and/or gently used clothing and accessories, and also makeup and beauty products for our makeover events – Who Needs A Super Mum Makeover?
  • Tell us about women whose stories are inspiring and you think other mums will be inspired listening to them share
  • Share an idea, helpful tips, your experience or your story to help,  inspire and encourage other mums
  • Support our events in cash or kind and get an opportunity to display and sell your products or services at our event venue and on our social media sites
  • You don’t have to be in business to support our event. Make cash and material donation to support our events such as refreshments, drinks, water …etc.

…by supporting Mum2Mum you better a mum’s life, and yours too!

Thank you in advance!

#BeBeautifulBeSuccessfulBeFulfilled!    #MumsHelpingMumsSucceed    #WomenForWomen

(Mum To Mum Support Initiative is a fully registered nongovernmental organization based in Lagos, Nigeria.)