Adenike Ogunlesi, CEO Ruff ‘n’ Tumble, at the Super Mom Makeover Workshop 2.0 said it was after she started her business that she realized how much  she needed to learn marketing, and fast too. What she did was to read every marketing book she could lay her hands on.


One book stood out for her, The Guerrilla Marketing by Jay Conrad Levinson. The simplicity, very practical approach and the fact that the book was written with beginners and small business owners in mind made it a winner for her. And she said it is a must-read for everyone of us who is into or considering starting a business.

I have searched and found this: Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies by Jonathan Margolis and Patrick Garrigan, and am thinking, this is it! I’m on it right now and I’m wondering why I’m just reading this book now, for goodness sake!


Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies because a lot has changed since the bestseller Guerrilla Marketing was written, just thinking of social media alone.

When I flipped through or rather scrolled down, who did I see on the Foreword page?Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing himself! Here’s is what he had to say about the book:

“The Readers are going to get a whole lot from Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies — information they can take to the bank, techniques and tactics to wage and win marketing battles regardless of the odds, clarity of a topic that to others seems complex (but is really simple and straightforward), and a major step forward in the lore of marketing. Of course, this book will make its prime contribution to you on your bottom line and the bottom lines of your clients. Because it works so well, works for businesses of all sizes, works around the world, and is so darned simple, guerrilla marketing has become the gold standard for inexpensive marketing. Best of all, you now hold the keys to the vault in your hands with this book.”


And here’s the Introduction…

Good guerrilla marketing only takes a moment:
7 a.m. You wake up and, as you open your morning newspaper, you find a
special insert shaped like a dog bone. What you thought might be
an ad for pet food is actually a promo piece for a new reality series
appropriately titled Man’s Best Friend.

8 a.m. As you walk to the subway, you notice dozens of posters along the
scaffolding by your building. As it turns out, your favorite band’s in
town this month — good to know.

8:45 a.m. As you exit the subway, a friendly, attractive, outgoing young
woman hands you a sample-size box of cereal and tells you to have
a nice day.

1:30 p.m. During a lunch meeting at a local restaurant, you make a quick stop
to the restroom. As you wash your hands, the ad on the wall actu-
ally talks to you, gushing about how good looking you are — and
oh, you should really try this new cologne, Attraction.

1:45 p.m. At the end of lunch, when the waiter brings you the check, he also
leaves behind three individually wrapped mints with the brand
name written right there along the side, causing you to wonder,
“Who exactly paid whom here? Did the restaurant owner specifically
buy this brand, or did the brand approach the owner with some sort
of in-kind sampling opportunity? Hmm. . . .”

6:15 p.m. After work, you stop by a bar with some friends, and a liquor company is there giving out all sorts of cool stuff — T-shirts, hats, and
your personal favorite: free drinks.

Perhaps without even realizing it, you encountered six points of contact with
guerrilla marketing tactics. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As brands fight like
a middle child in the pursuit of your attention, guerrilla tactics have made
this pursuit personal through direct, unique modes of contact. In this book,
we introduce you to this ever-developing method of reaching consumers where they live, work, and play.

So, what do you think? Are you getting the book or what?! A look at the content tells me there’s a lot to learn and I can’t wait.

Not sure where to get it?
Try this link. Or just search the book title on Google.

I have to finish the book soonest… So till my next post, #BeAwesome #BeSuccessful!


The link I shared  to get a copy of Guerrilla Marketing For Dummies requires a small sign-up fee, I just thought you should know. Also most other websites where you could easily get the ebook have them removed due to copyright issues. It’s available on Amazon.

I found something that might interest you though, an 11 page notes on Guerrilla Marketing For Home-Based Business by Jay Conrad Levinson, you can download it free here.


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