Motherhood is such a blessing but also the #1 reason most of us moms neglect ourselves. We pay little or no attention to our appearance, our self-care and wellbeing and we give up on our dreams. But it really doesn’t have to be so.

Every woman wants to be beautiful, successful and fulfilled, but not all of us know how to make that our reality considering all we are bugged down with as moms.

Today I will share with you the words of Claude Bristol written many many years ago in his book The Magic of Believing. You sure will find it inspiring. Here you have it:

Of course, we all know that our thoughts determine our carriage, our facial expression, our conversation, for what we are outwardly comes as a result of what we think habitually.

Many women have improved their appearance by continuing to feel the delights of beauty, by thinking thoughts of the beautiful, by wearing stylish clothes, by adding things of beauty to their surroundings, by developing poise and easy carriage, and by constantly telling themselves that they are going to win out.


Olajumoke: bread seller now top model

You have seen in movie plays how a badly dressed, ordinary-looking girl can be transformed into a most attractive woman by beautiful clothes and the latest hair-do.

You can do the same thing and will speed up the process if you continue to hold the mental picture of your new self and never relax for a second.

Improving your appearance doesn’t have to be so expensive. All you need might be to add a piece of accessories and you would bring to life and otherwise boring outfit.

Also you could take your old and ‘not so-well-fitting’ outfits to your tailor and walah! you have something more stylish!

Be more mindful when you shop for wears, ask yourself: “Will the colour compliment my skin tone?”
“Is it the right size? Does it give a good fitting?”
“Does it play down or hide my weaknesses and accentuate my strengths?”

And don’t forget, wear a nice, simple makeup. Keep in mind that your makeup should enhance your looks and not appear too much.

Always keep in mind that beauty is inside-out and not outside-in. So find your inner beauty and just let it shine!


Until the next post Gorgeous, #BeBeautiful #BeSuccessful #BeFulfilled!


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