GLAM’S MAKEUP @ Super Mum Makeover Workshop 4.0 makeup (break out) session demonstrating how mums can draw perfect eyebrows as part of their daily makeup routine.

Super Mum Makeover is  an interactive  beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshop for mums aimed at encouraging mothers to take their self care, well being and personal dreams a little more seriously, and go on to be SUPER kind of mums – beautiful, successful, fulfilled!

Join us in the next edition of Super Mum Makeover coming up in May, 13, 2017 at the 2nd Floor ASSBIFI House, beside Elephant House by Shoprite bus stop, Alausa CBD, Ikeja, Lagos. 10am.

Admission is FREE, mums can get the Super Mum t-shirts before the event or at the venue.

Contact us for more info, and to book seats and get Super Mum T-shirts for you and your mum friends.

Thank you!


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