mentoring, giving support one mom to another

Mentoring is a major tool Mum 2 Mum employs to help mums reach their fullest potentials, to succeed in their goals and aspirations, and be beautiful, successful and fulfilled. And this has proven to be very effective.

  • Super Mum Makeover Workshops

What we do is simply provide the platform for women to connect with each other whether in person or virtually, and very naturally mentoring opportunities result. We have been able to achieve this through sharing success stories and connecting with women who have succeeded in their various fields of endeavor while being mums on our website and social media platforms and also during Super Mum Makeover – our beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshops which holds bimonthly in different cities in Nigeria and looking to reach other African countries.

  • Mum2Mum Mentoring Programme for Young Mothers

This involves counselling sessions and seminars targeted at young women who became mothers at a time unexpected as a result of rape, sexual abuse or poor choices. These young women are most times left on their own to deal with the overwhelming task of being mums in addition to the stigma and negative attitudes towards them. These young women often drop out of school and watch their dreams die before their very eyes.

Our message is simple: Don’t let motherhood stop you! 

Story telling comes naturally to us Africans and we at Mum 2 Mum leverage it as a simple and easy way to reach a wide number of women. We hear of women who have made huge successes out of their seemingly disadvantaged and difficult situations. We share such stories in the hope that other women will be inspired to do the same.

Inspiring stories hardly stay with the hearer; they are most likely shared, the stories continue to spread and so also the underlying message.

Through these stories women easily identify, relate and connect with women with whom they share similar experiences, ideals and vales, or simply with those in their line of business or career, and it goes on from there…the results are simply amazing!

What we have learned in the course of our journey towards success become much more valuable when they are shared with those coming behind us. – Grace Essen

Become a mentor and inspire another woman today by sharing your success story.

Why not contact us now to get started!

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    1. Glad you stopped by Chika! Mum 2 Mum is committed to helping mums make business, career, motherhood and personal life work. Kindly subscribe for our newsletter, like our Facebook page and also follow us on Twitter so that you do not miss our latest posts, resources and events that will help you reach your goals. Thank you Chika.

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