​We all desire good looks, better health, healthy relationships, along with financial freedom and more time to enjoy life with loved ones. But most of us haven’t been able to access these because we have been told it’s all a dream. 

Consciously or unconsciously we accepted that and got used to living below our potential, suffering, struggling, playing the victim, thinking of all the things we are almost certain we could never have, feeling bad and guilty that we aren’t meeting some ‘unattainable’ life expectations. 

We beat ourselves up that as women, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, best friends we haven’t measured up and therefore are not deserving of happiness and fulfillment.

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But ultimately we want to be able to feel the full range: happy, joyful, relaxed, and content… We want to live life to the fullest and not feel like we’re being selfish or doing something wrong. We want to be able to name our desires, ask for them, and gracefully receive them.

Don’t you want that too?

  ……you can have it all!

Whether you’re looking to improve your appearance, fit into your before-baby jeans, improve your health and energy levels, rekindle your passion, make a transition back to work after time out to care for babies, get clear on your personal goals and what career or business choices to make, boost performance at work or at home, build or strengthen relationships, make career changes to allow you enjoy more time and flexibility, start the business of your dreams, build your confidence as a mom, or simply seeking personal growth and change…YOU CAN HAVE IT! 

It starts with a DESIRE for more. The willingness let go of ideas and beliefs that aren’t working for us, and to step outside our comfort zone -that is where  POSSIBILITIES reside!Grace Essen Grace Essen

Today, I’m offering you a transformational experience that allows you to designcreate and live the life you want and deserve; a life with endless possibilities.

Imagine bringing  joy and colour into your life through simple innovative solutions that will help you feel your bestlook your bestbe your best and have the energy and vitality you need to enjoy it. This is a totally unique, well designed, and frankly kick-ass high level coaching program that will change your life forever. I call it a total life makeover

What you can expect from this experience is everything I’ve gotten from my years of studying human potentials, coaching, consulting and counseling with women and my personal experience, to help you achieve personal change, so that in time you will look back and say this is the best decision you ever made for your business, career, family and personal growth.

Working with women as a transformational coach has dramatically changed my life. It has opened up the Infinite Barrel of Possibility in every area of my life. It has given me the courage to dare to be more, to love deeply, to give, and to live the Truth of who I really am, out loud and on purpose.

I have been greatly inspired by women who have succeeded in holding the home front with one hand and building a business and/or career with the other, and still come out beautiful, successful and fulilled.

I am truly amazed at their strength, resilience and courage to push through obstacles and limitations to achieve their goals. 

The CHANGE we desire does not just happen. We initiate change when we first desire it and then sow the seed of time, efforts, sacrifice, and persistence. And with collaboration with someone who in a non-judgmental manner helps you see perspectives that are more empowering, and makes you see yourself for who you really are – (more powerful than you know) enables you put your personal growth on warp speed, manifesting magic and creating lasting change in your life.

I’d be honoured to be that someone.

Let me remind you that change is not a onetime event; it is a process whereby the journey is as important as the destination. And to sustain change, we must keep growing, developing and improving in every area of our lives.

This is my invitation to you to a more purposeful life where you can be the highest expression of YOU and attain true beauty, good success and fulfillment, because you can indeed have it all.

I’m eager to tap the Infinite Barrel of Possibility and Awesomeness with you. The question is, are you willing to make it happen?

It’s only a click away….contact me now to book a mini session for FREE.




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