​I shared a story in my last post encouraging us mums to step outside our comfort zones so as to achieve our goals and dreams.Outside our comfort zone is where miracles happen. But in reality stepping outside our comfort zon can be quite scary!

Take a look at the fish swimming outside the confines of the jar where it has been kept perhaps for so long. It feels more comfort to stay back, to have company, to be faced with ‘the familiar’. But the second jar is empty, it’s a new environment, unfamiliar, maybe not so friendly. In life we all come to a point whre we need to step away from what we are used to, or the life we are so used to, and adjust to something new. That is often necessary before dreams can come true and goals achieved.

Stepping outside our comfort zone doesn’t necessarily mean we have to move to a new environment (sometimes that may be the case), however, is means is that we become a different kind of person, a different kind of mum!

My heart usually beats faster out of fear and anxiety when I’m face with a situation that requires me stepping outside my comfort zone, who likes that? I bet you don’t either and you have a way of reacting to such situations too.

But then we must take that first step (baby step is good enough) and then another, if we will ever be beautiful, successful and fulfilled  – it sure comes with a price!

Here are a few tips on how you can take steps out of your comfort zone by making some life adjustment:

  • Start with your mindset- let go of every thought that says your life and things around you cannot change. Tell yourself you can be better and your life can be richer.
  • Let go of the thought that if your are not with your kids 24/7 or you’re not at home, something terrible will happen to them or the house will collapse! No it won’t!
  • Look around your environment, think of a few things you may need to change to create more time and space to enable you achieve your goals. Will you have to wake up a hour earlier for your routine workout or any other thing you need to do? Or go to bed an hour later? Will you have to buy food items and households supplies in bulk than make frequent trips to the supermarket?
  • Think of who and what you might need to help you achieve your goals – family, friends, money, tools, etc? Make a list and begin to talk to the people and plan to get resources you need. It could be as simple as asking your family to be a little more helpful  with household chores, this will free up a little more time for you to spent on your goals.
  • Tell yourself YOU CAN DO THIS! And feel the joy of having your goals already achieved. Does that bring a smile in your face?

Maybe stepping outside our comfort zone is not as bad as we thought. I guess it’s time we go give it a try. Remember take baby steps and then it will get easier along the way. Did I leave anything out? Please share in the comment section. Thanks!

All da best mums!

#BeAwesone #BeSuccessful! 

Feature image: crystalhollenbeck.com.


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