Women today are doing exploits building successful careers and businesses and making amazing contributions to the society. However, many more are still held back, working really hard but not in ways that are perceived as laudable – cooking, cleaning and just being mums.

In the spirit of inspiring women to Be Bold For Change – theme for this year’s International Women’s Day celebration, Mum2Mum in one of our bimonthly beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshops for mothers – Super Mum Makeover March edition inspired women to take bold steps to make a difference.

Super Mum Makeover is a beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshop which aims at inspiring women particularly mothers to take their self care, well being and personal dreams a little more seriously and to realize their highest potentials regardless of the challenges of being mothers and wives.

The March edition of Super Mum Makeover workshop featured the veteran actress and journalist, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett OON as the mentor of the day. Mrs. Ajai-Lycette spoke on the topic, how to build a successful career or business and still be the world’s best mum. She summarized her advice for any woman who wants to build a successful career and still be a good mum in one sentence: Keep stepping forward!

Mrs. Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett @Super Mum Makeover 4.0

Mrs. Taiwo Ajai-Lycett reminded the women that the world is theirs and they have the power to make a difference.
She said that success and good fortune come from aspiration, desperation perspiration and inspiration and she admonished the women to align themselves with the objectives of the organizers of the workshop which is self growth and becoming women of value, and worth. She said things may come to those who wait but they often get only things left by those who hustle. Her question for the participants was: “Do some of you have your fingers crossed yet?”

Grace Essen presenting a Super Mum T-shirt to Mrs. Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett @Super Mum Makeover 4.0

The participants had a question and answer session with the veteran actress on life issues and challenges typical in womanhood.

GLAM’s Makeup, an Italian premium makeup brand and partners at Super Mum Makeover had a team of makeup artists give the women a gorgeous makeover. The makeup was followed by a break out session where the women learned how to create beautiful eyebrows as part of their makeup routine at home. GLAM’S Makeup also had giveaway packs for all the participants.

The workshop also featured fitness /workout session as well as a talk on natural health and wellness. Some participants also had the opportunity to display their products at the venue.
At the end of the workshop the participants were elated to have met the veteran actress Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, who most of them described as their idol, they were so inspired listening to her share her life experience and giving helpful advice.

A happy participant @ Super Mum Makeover 4.0

The participants were grateful to Mum2Mum for the opportunity to learn, share and network with fellow mums, for the gorgeous makeover and gifts from GLAM’S Makeup and looked forward to the next edition of Super Mum Makeover workshop.
Join us in the next edition of Super Mum Makeover… contact us for inquiries and to book a seat.


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