​Mums networking and getting to know each other at Super Mum Makeover Workshop 6.0

Counselling Session with Timi Oyebode @ Super Mum Makeover Workshop 6.0

– how to deal with emotional issues that affect women as mothers, wives and career or business women.

Day Look practical session @ Super Mum Makeover Workshop 6.0 

Take a closer look you will notice the transformation!
Soap Making @ DIY Session with Mr. Mike

Watch as mums took turns to stir the liquid soap. 

All participants went away with some of the finished product (liquid soap) and hand out after the session.
With materials of about #3k you can get over 25litres of liquid soap…… make money, save money, your choice!

Mums helping themselves to a sumptuous meal of Semo and Egusi soup….mmmmh yummy!
Let’s have some FUN mums!


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