As women we often lose ourselves in motherhood, most times without even realizing it, yet we desire richer, happier and more fulfilling lives whereby we can BE, DO and HAVE all the things we ever wanted while being world’s best mums.

Mum2Mum offers a series of workshops tagged Super Mum Makeover to help mums take their lives back and to create brand new version of themselves because we believe every woman truly deserves to look, feel and live better and to have her dreams come true regardless of the challenges of motherhood.

More than just makeup and a new look, Super Mum Makeover means a new attitude, new lifestyle, renewed energy and passion and a whole new outlook to life.

  It only takes small intentional and consistent change in mindset, attitude, looks and lifestyle to have a fabulously richer and more fulfilling life.

Super Mum Makeover workshop features sessions on how to achieve natural makeup for daily look, personal styling including hair, wardrobe and camouflaging tips to give you a more fabulous look.

It’s not just a beauty class, we’ll have a personal fitness expert share simple practical tips on how to lose weight and stay fit, and we also have sessions on health, nutrition and stress management

For our mentoring session we have successful women entrepreneurs and experts in various fields talk to us about how to make business, career and motherhood workhow to manage relationships and resolve conflicts at home and at work and how to bring out the best in us and be SUPER kind of mums!

And of course you have opportunity for Questions & Answers!

Mums, it’s time to step up and stand out – be beautiful, be dazzling, be stunning, be confident, be successful, he happy, be fulfilled!

Here are a few testimonials from a recent edition of Super Mum Makeover Workshop:

“My experience for the first time at Super Mum Makeover 4.0 was really interesting. Kudos to GRACE ESSEN for this initiative. I would encourage every woman to attend this program to learn that being a Mother does not stop you from being  that classy, entrepreneur /professional woman and also a caring wife all in one package. Indeed we could all be a “Super Mum” and still enjoy life in all ramifications! well-done Grace,  God bless you.”- mum Josephine.

“Super Mum makeover WOW! I never believed I could enjoy myself so much with a lot of women in one room, but really glad I was a part of this great exercise. Every woman should be a part of it cos it brings out the U in YOU. Not in my wildest dream have I ever thought of seeing mummy Taiwo Ajai Lycett not to talk of having the privilege of touching and even taking snap shots with her but Mum2Mum made it possible. I was highly inspired by her life. I learnt to be ME not someone’s wife or mother. Women make the world go round. We are nation builders.” -Olori Omolara.

“Super Mum Makeover is an eye-opener to most women that are still locked up in their shell. It is so inspirational and a zeal lifter i.e if as a mom you come to the programme with a dull spirit, by the end of the day you will surely go back fulfilled. Am glad I was part of it, it is a programme that’s worth the time and very energetic. God bless you mom Grace, you really put in a lot of effort. Gracias”-  mum Jacinta.

Join us in the next edition of Super Mum MakeoverContact us now for more info and to book seats and get super mum t-shirts for you and your mum friends. They’d love you for it!

Super Mum Makeover …always an A-W-E-S-O-M-E experience!



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Adenike Ogunlesi (CEO Ruff ‘n’ Tumble)

Representatve of the First Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Amode

Mrs. Data Vandy on Family Planning

Veteran actress, Taiwo Ajai-Lycett











Super Mum Makeover Special

Image: youtube

Image: youtube

Super Mum Makeover Special is our total life makeover programme targeted at mums who have been victims of violence or abuse in marriage or relationship, and those who have been affected by devastating life events and have had a piece of them taken away, such as loss of breast(s) to cancer, hair loss etc. Such women need help to get back to normal life, be loving moms to their children and family, and contribute to the society.

Mum 2 Mum in partnership with other relevant bodies or organizations will through this programme provide counselling, therapy, health and life makeover – mental, emotional, physical, economical, and any other area of need as the case may be for victims.

Our aim is to help affected women overcome life challenges they have been through, and find the courage to pick up their lives and move on. The program will help them renew their self-confidence, boost their self-esteem, have a more positive and empowering image of themselves, and to go on and be all they ever wanted to be – beautiful, successful, fulfilled!

If you have been or are currently going through some form of abuse, or life challenge, don’t keep silent. Contact us now and let’s see how we can be of help.

#BeBeautiful #BeSuccessful #BeFulfilled!

Super Mom Makeover

Super Mom Makeover eBook is available on Amazon Kindle. Click here to get your own copy.

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