​Most mums hold themselves back by sitting in their little corners and keep struggling to make motherhood, business and career work….often by trial and error. 

This can be lonely, overwhelming,  frustrating and discouraging especially when things don’t go as we hope they would.

I think it’s smarter to learn from women who have been there and have made it, and are also willing to share life experiences, practical tips and proven strategies for success.

Such opportunities are everywhere – online forums, live seminars, conferences, workshops, even self-help book are helpful too. But sometimes it helps to crawl out from behind the computer and just step outside… There’s  always something to see!

Look around you, there is an event going on that could benefit you, always. I see lots of them on social media, I see flyers some beautifuly designed some not so beautiful but all trying to tell you about some interesting event happening somewhere.

If you can’t make it weekdays you might consider weekend events. The good thing is that most of them are FREE!

A lot of people think free events are cheap or not worthwhile. Events are free because someone is willing to pay for others to learn, network, and improve their lives. Women should grab such opportunities.

 Mum2Mum is proud to be part of the move to help women succeed with our beauty, lifestyle and mentoring workshop for mums – Super Mum Makeover which holds every other month.

Join us in the next edition next Saturday, 13th May, 2017| 10am

@2nd Flr ASSBIFI House opp Shoprite b/stop, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

Admission: FREE

Super Mum T-shirt -2k only

You can also contact us to find out about future workshops, and the possibility of holding a workshop in your city.

We want you to be beautiful, successful & fulfilled!

So be on the look out for opportunities to learn, network and grow, and be sure to take them!




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