Woman you are stronger than you know. Whatever you are going through pick up yourself and just KEEP GOING!

I got to the bank early this morning to use the ATM,  just as I was to take my leave after my transaction, I met two women at the gate looking devastated, they were most likely waiting for the bank to officially open.

I greeted them casually as I walked pass them, in response one of them decided to pour out her anguish. She said so much in a hurry as though she was repeating a properly rehearsed line. 

I said, “Sorry? Did you say you were…” “Yes!” She cut in, “We just entered ‘One Chance’ this morning o! We were going to Oshodi (in Lagos). Just two of us women in the midst of men we didn’t know they were part of the gang…!” She continued.

I stood and listened as they both narrated their ordeal at the hands of the robbers who threatened them with knives. The robbers took everything away from them – phones, cash, jewelries, the most surprising to the women was the church branded t-shirt they also took with them. 

The men applied a substance they suspected to be balm on their eyes and searched them in embarrassing places to be sure they had nothing left on them. 

They drove to a bank and tried using the ATM pin to confirm authenticity and were angry that one of  them had made a withdrawal yesterday!

The women said all they could do was pray to God and pleaded with the men to take everything and just drop them off somewhere. They eventually did.

The women came straight to the bank to make a formal complain, have their ATM cards blocked and call on relatives to transfer money to them since one of them had to travel back to her station in Delta State.

I know what it means to suddenly lose what you ‘think’ you have. It’s not so much the amount of money involved. You may lose a million Naira and not give a hoot because you have a hundred million somewhere. But when you lose twenty thousand and that’s all you have, you know you just lost something. At some point in my life it felt as though I was standing and someone suddenly pulled the rug off my feet. I found myself on my back not sure how to pick myself up.

Most times people who do these to us are our men, our brothers, our husbands, our friends, the very ones who should look out for us. It is so pathetic when men see women as weaker and decide to take advantage of them.

I encouraged the women to look at the bright side. I reminded them of what they had left – life! We thanked God together that they can still go back to their children and family in one piece, that they were not raped, that they were not kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination, and they were not harmed!

I wished them well, bade them farewell and made to take my leave. They stopped me and said, “Thank you very much for your support.” Wow! I didn’t even realize how much support they got just being able to “off load” at least a part of the anguish in their hearts. I had no money to give but the show of concern and sisterly support lifted their spirits. I’m thankful I had the time to spare.

As I walked away, I remembered the story I read in the news that broke my heart about a mum who had borrowed some money to invest in MMM ponzi scheme. After she realized she lost the money, she called her children, apologized to them, went away and drowned herself.

After her death, neighbours said she had suddenly become withdrawn, but no one knew what was going on in her mind. We live in a society where people don’t trust each other enough to share their burdens. Maybe she could still be with us if she shared and someone was willing to give her just a little support – a listening ear.

Dearest mums I want to remind us today that our children need us around, the society depends so much on us and the least we can do is be strong for them. We have to support each other and keep pushing. It’s tough out there and we women are so vulnerable. But we will not let that not stop us!
No matter what you are going through, stay strong and keep pushing. You are stronger than you know!




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