In one of our Super Mom Makeover workshops, a guest speaker in response to a question from one of the participants her speech asked, “Do we have a lawyer here?” Silence.  “Any lawyer amongst us?”  She asked again. And then one woman raised her hand, but only half way. The speaker noted how that was so typical of us women, and that if it was a man he would have raised both hands confidently… After the event I got to know we had a second lawyer at the workshop!

It is so ‘like us’ to shy away and hope the spotlight doesn’t get on us, we are reluctant to take leadership positions, we are reluctant to put ourselves out there, we have all manner of ‘coverings’ we conveniently hide under as reasons why we just can’t be, do or have whatever is out there for us to grab. The #1 excuse being ‘motherhood’! )-:

When I see photos of Hilary Clinton at the polls today, fighting head to head with a man like Donald Trump, I doff my hat and I say in my heart there is hope for womanhood. It doesn’t really matter if she wins or not, what matters is that she stood up for what she believed and she fought gallantly. I couldn’t be more proud!

Okay now not every woman wants to be in the public space and I respect that, let’s take a look at the personal space.

When is the last time you got really excited about an idea you had and even shared it family and a few friends but then you never pursued it because somewhere along the line you decided it wasn’t good enough?

When is the last time you started to make something but gave up before you finished it because you think no one would like it?

This happens all the time. Maybe I’m the biggest culprit here! In the process of dotting all the ‘i’s and crossing the‘t’s we see more impossibilities than possibilities…

But if we don’t take ourselves seriously how can we ever take any of such motivational tips that says: “Just DO It!” or “YES WE CAN!”  Because we always convince ourselves that what we’re doing isn’t good enough or not important enough to anyone not even us!

I struggled with taking myself seriously for such a long time especially so after I became a mom. Things I would ordinarily do so easily as a much younger woman came with a lot more struggle – the struggle to believe I can do it, the struggle to find the time to actually get it done, the struggle to find the energy to get up and go, and as time passes the enthusiasm goes downhill.

I couldn’t even imagine what it was I was doing to myself until much later.  I knew I had the ability to do what any other woman or any person can do, but I would so easily talk myself out of it. It is so true that the ability to get excited about something or an idea and go for it with some sort of crazy abandon and the ability to remain focused and resilient until we achieve the set goals is a personal choice. And I didn’t take action and stay on it because I just didn’t take myself seriously. I didn’t believe in myself enough.

Some of the questions running through my head were: “Someone else has done this before and much better than I could ever do? Do I even know what I’m trying to do? Have I go all the funds I need? When I sat to write, I hear: No one is going to read this. No one will like this; it’s just a waste of time.  I better go work on something else. And when I pick up ‘something else’ the same cycle plays out.

Until I made the much needed change ….. And today when I take a look at myself in the mirror, I see a woman who can do just about anything she sets her mind to do! I haven’t suddenly become a perfect or super woman, but I am not that woman who struggled so much to get the smallest of things done. when women take themselves seriouslyIf I can make the change that has turned my life around you too can! Tune in to Mum2Mum Mini Session Live Broadcast coming soon on Facebook @GraceEssen and @Mum2Mum or you may wish to schedule personal coaching sessions and let’s get started helping you build your self- image and self-belief so you too can begin taking yourself a lot more seriously.

The concluding part of What happens when women don’t take themselves seriously” will be my next post. Please subscribe to get the post in your email box. You can find it here And please share your thoughts with me. Thank you!

Until then #BeAwesome #BeSuccessful!



Images courtesy: canstcok and The Sun


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