Exactly one week after Super Mom Makeover Lagos, the premier beauty and lifestyle makeover session for moms in Lagos which held on Saturday, 14th May, 2016, I got a phone call. “Hello!” I said, the feminine voice at the other end went, “Hello, is that the organizer of Super Mom Makeover?”  I said yes, and then she said, “I just wanted to let you know that your program has changed my life! I’m now a super mom!”

I paused for a second to allow a smile. I’m so sure she too was smiling! And then I said, “You have always been a super mom you only needed someone to show you that you are!” And then she went on and on about how people have had to ask what happened to her and how she is so happy with the new ‘her’…

I knew Super Mom Makeover had a potential to change women’s lives but what I underestimated was to what extent.  Super Mom Makeover is about transformation – a positive transformation of the lives of women inside and out. The transformation involves a mindset change, improved appearance, adjustment in attitudes and lifestyle and what you have is a brand new woman who is more beautiful, more successful and more importantly, fulfilled.

It’s so amazing to know that the moms are still so motivated to make positive changes in their lives even after the class and that makes the efforts and resources spent to put the class together worth the while.

super mom makeover LagosOne mom said she has turned her staircase to her personal workout area and she now wears makeup since after the class.

super mom makeover LagosAnother mom who was used to taking a bottle of soft drink with each meal says her husband was shocked when she declined after meal and asked for water instead!

Another mom shared what she learned with her family, now they are having fun acting as accountability partners for each other on calorie count and eating right. super mom makeover Lagos

Some other moms are being more mindful of their use of skincare products.

I could go on and on, but the highest point for me was seeing the smile on the faces of the women, smiles you don’t get to see most times. We at Mum 2 Mum are inspired to make the next session bigger and better.

Indeed we are all SUPER MOMS but attending Super Mom Makeover session will help you see yourself in a whole new and empowering way. You will learn that no matter where you are currently, you can be MORE

I sincerely hope you’ll plan to attend the next Super Mom Makeover session?

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Until the next post, #BeAwesome!



Super Mom Makeover is available in eBook format in Amazon Kindle.


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